Tom Hazledine

Building things for the web

I'm a web designer and developer based in Cornwall, UK.

Designing for the web is about more than painting pretty pictures of websites. You have to get down and dirty in the browser as soon as possible.

In this post-smartphone age we have to build sites that work on everything from watch-sized screens to touch devices the size of table-tops. The print ‘canvas’ is a myth in web-design; as designers we must embrace the dynamic ever-changing beauty of the web.

So how do we do it? By experimenting, by testing, by iterating. No one ever created a beautifully elegant checkout submission process by using static images, and no one did it in one abstract brainstorming session.

I'm a UX designer and developer at DWM, where I currently spend most of my time re-designing client-onboarding processes and obsessing about whether or not to get a Standing Desk (for the crazy-start-up kudos).

Browse my portfolio to see some (not so recent) examples of my work, and read more of my thoughts on designing for the web on my blog. Say hi (and tell me how wrong you think I am, maybe?) by emailing me at or catch me on Twitter as @thomashazledine; I'm always happy to answer any questions or engage in spirited debate.